Privacy Policy - First Magnitude Values Your Privacy and Safety


At FMI we value your privacy. FMI and its divisions adhere to the highest ethical standards of protecting personal information you provide as a result of our business relationship.

Your Personal Information is Safe with FMI!

At FMI, we collect email addresses or other personal identifying information based upon information you gave us on a volunteer basis. These may include a request for information, when you place an order, send us an email or a correspondence.

Your email is only used by FMI and its divisions. FMI nor its wholly-owned websites do not share or sell to anyone else your personal information including email address. We may use your email to periodically send you new product offerings, updates on our website, or other related FMI business.

Security in Our E-Commerce Site

Partnership with Leading Transaction Provider and Secured Gateway such as Paypa provides a secure way that guarantees that guarantees that the orders and payment information generated by the merchant's Web server remain totally secure.

Secured Web Server :

First Magnitude Web site including its subsidiaries are hosted in high-performance multi-processor servers. Our web site receives full 24 / 7 network monitoring housed under SSL secured server providing you added protection.

Information About Fraudulent Credit Card Charges:

Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank cannot hold you liable for any fraudulent credit card charges in excess of $50.00. You must first notify your credit card provider in the manner required by the provider if you believe unauthorized charges have appeared on your account.

For more information, please contact FMI or Customer Service Center