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Unleashing the Power of Technology!

At First Magnitude, we provide leading edge technology solutions in support of our human resources services and employ innovative strategies to increase productivity and to improve organization's bottom line.

Through our FMI Tech Solutions Division, we also offer a comprehensive line of Web services. We are capable of bringing to your organization creative and cutting-edge technology with guaranteed results. A company with global outreach and partners, FMI Tech Solutions is a crucial division providing technology-related services in support of FMI's overall mission and goals.

Depending on your organization's needs, we also deliver customized multimedia presentation packages and a variety of technology-related services including hands-on workshops in the use of the Internet and other computer systems. Below are some examples of First Magnitude's technology-related products and services:

Technology Services

* Computer-Based Training/Authoring
* Web Design/Training/Consulting
* Electronic Publishing/Digital Brochures
* On-Line Career Services
* On-line Job Advertising
* E-Commerce Solutions